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What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables? Complete Guide

Recently, in the Steam program, many users have noticed a new item – Steamworks Common Redistributable, which has appeared in the client’s library. Here you can get more about this and check it for more details. This element is located in the “Tools” or “Games” tabs and is constantly activated to check files or install updates. In the article, we will tell you what this program is, why it freezes and how to remove/hide it from the Steam library.

What is Steamworks Common Redistributables

The XNA Framework Redistributable download provides game developers with the XNA Framework run-time libraries they can include with their product for redistribution on the Windows platform. How to remove Steamworks Common Redistributables from my steam list?

Is that what they said? I thought it was because the AI couldn’t distinguish between real/illusion and would get baited every time. Micro is important but on a hero like PL or Brew, it wouldn’t be game-breaking. The pros are so good at microing that the delta between their skills and AI seems negligible. It would also be neat to have difficulties based on your MMR bracket.

What is the utility for?

To run any heavy game on Windows, an additional set of auxiliary libraries is required. Without them, you can forget about the launch and stable operation of games. These libraries are included in the redistributable packages, of which the most important are DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++, OpenAL, XNA, PhysX, and dotNET.

Previously on Steam, each game required a separate redistributable installation. This approach created many identical takes and wasted disk space. Plus, the update of the nested components was also carried out separately, which significantly loaded the servers of the game and the Steam itself. Now the developers at VALVE have separated the redistributable packages into a separate directory and have developed the “Steamworks Common Redistributable” tool that manages it. Now, every time you start the game, the SCR tool pulls up the libraries prescribed for it.

The release of the native Steamworks package allows you to: Reduce the load on the VALVE servers, save memory and simplify the upgrade process. Plus, the innovation clearly makes life easier for game developers, as it becomes easier for them to work through installation scripts.

How to hide the Steamworks tool

If you do not want this program to constantly flash on your list, you can easily hide it and it will work exclusively in the background. This is done like this:

Steamworks tool

  • Open the library menu on Steam;
  • Select in the tools “Steamworks Common Redistributable” → on the right, the categories will
  • light up under them there will be an item “Edit”.
  • Click on it and put a tick on the item “Hide this game from my library”.

Why is Steamworks Common Redistributable constantly updated

As we said, this folder contains data on redistributable packages and any SCR upgrade process is associated exclusively with them. If the update process is constantly hanging and there is no further progress, try the following:

  • Restart the Steam client itself. Open the Services menu in Windows and restart all network services.
  • Disable any VPN programs or software generating your internet connection (Hamachi, Garena).
  • Disable your antivirus and Windows built-in defender.
Best Photo Editing Apps

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

If you are going to apply some particular face effect to your face to make your social profile more captivating, this article is for you. I have collected the funniest apps to apply filters to your photos or augmented reality effects to apply to the face that gives smiles and fun. If you want you can also turn your face into Emoji.

Best Photo Editing Apps

What perhaps not everyone knows is that behind these filters there is a very complex technology called augmented reality. The augmented reality (Augmented Reality) is the enrichment of human sensory perception by means of information that would not be perceived with the five senses. The filters that are used in fun selfie apps are all based on this technology.

The best apps to change the face

So let’s see what are the best apps to change our faces to use to create funny videos with our faces alone or with the company thanks to the use of facial filters and thanks to augmented reality.

Face App

Back in the limelight after a period of respite, this App allows you to transform your face into a child, an adult (giving a very old look to your face), Hollywood style, change the background of your photo, and much more.

With the latest update, it also allows you to change transform your face from man to woman and vice versa. Definitely, a well-made app to try.


It was the first app to introduce this feature to take funny photos and selfies, which is why today it is considered one of the best apps for changing faces. This app is very popular because in addition to applying special effects to photos and videos, it allows you to exchange photos and content that self-destruct after ten seconds.

Photo Editing Apps

In jargon, they are called snap and the user, thanks to the application, can create them at will to send them to their friends. Clips and photos can also be saved and inserted in the stories section which opens with a tap on the icon at the bottom right or by swiping from right to left from the home screen, where they remain visible for 24 hours.

Making a snap is super easy. Open the application just press the button at the bottom center of the device to take a photo or a selfie or hold it down to create a video. On the left, however, the timer button appears which adjusts the minimum and maximum duration from 1 to 10 seconds.

The images can be modified through filters that you can choose by moving your finger on the screen from right to left, and also enrich with colored drawings or by adding both text and emojis that can be animated in the clips.


Even the famous photo social network allows you to apply facial filters. But what’s even more interesting it allows you to create them.

On Instagram, face filters are only available in Stories. Consequently, to use them you have to start the appropriate tool accessible by tapping on your profile photo, at the top left, or by sliding to the right from the home. Doing this will launch your device’s camera.

A menu will open through which you can scroll through the various filters available by swiping left or right. To select a filter and test it in real-time, tap on it. Once you have identified the filter of your interest, start recording a video by pressing and holding the button with the shutter symbol or tap to take a photo with the filter applied. After creation, press the “Your story” button to share the video or photo in Instagram stories or on the Send to item or save the content created on your smartphone.

Quick Charge

What is Quick Charge And Why Use It?

The use of smartphones and battery-powered technology devices has increased considerably in recent years. We use more and more devices with batteries and also following tips to increase the battery life sooner or later we will have to connect it to a power outlet to allow it to recharge when the battery level is low. Check this for more details. Whether it’s the battery of an Android or an iPhone, it doesn’t matter, we increasingly need to quickly recharge the battery of our Smartphone. This is because we always have a lot to do with our smartphones, our tablets, s or our notebook.

Quick Charge

The Quick Charge technology comes to our aid by allowing optimized management of electricity in USB charging devices, consequently reducing the charging time of the device. This will allow us to quickly recharge our iPhone or Smartphone.

What is Quick Charge

The Quick Charge, or fast charge, is adopted in those chargers and devices capable of charging faster than the classic charging standard (Max 5 Watt).

With traditional charging, the smartphone is usually charged at 2.5 watts (5V x 0.5A) and will take a certain amount of time to charge depending on the model and battery capacity.

While there are several technologies that allow for these high charging speeds, there is still no standard terminology on this subject, and so a lot of confusion has been created over time. In fact, in addition to this lack of compliance, it is good to know that many manufacturers boast high charging speeds for their products but that the charging provided is actually the standard 5W one.

How Quick Charge technology works

The basic elements that play in the charging phase are Amps, Volts, and Watts. Ampere (or current) is the amount of electricity that flows from the charger to your smartphone or another connected device. The Volt is the strength of the current. Watts, on the other hand, is the result of multiplying between Amps and Volts.

To understand ourselves better, we can imagine a tube. The amperage (or current) is the diameter of the pipe, the voltage is the water pressure and the Watts are the amount of water that comes out of the pipe.

Quick Charge technology was first developed by Qualcomm for its Snapdragon processors. This technology is able to offer more energy in less time, which results in a decrease in charging times.

Thanks to the fast charging system these times are considerably lowered. Because the smartphone may require more power (in the initial phase) to recharge, thus reducing recharging times.

The evolution of Quick Charge technology

Fast charging has evolved over time. It developed at the same time as the devices, in fact, there are several versions:

Quick Charge 1.0

Released in 2013, it is capable of exceeding 10 watts of previous recharges bringing the maximum current to 2 Amps. In this way, the charging times are significantly shortened.

Quick Charge 2.0

Introduced in 2015 it brings the intensity of the current to a maximum of 3 Amps, while the charging voltage varies at 5 Volts, 9 Volts, and 12 Volts. Bringing the maximum power to 18 Watts.

Quick Charge 3.0

Quick Charge 3.0

Released in 2016, it offers a wider range of charging voltages. It ranges from 3.6 Volts up to 20 Volts with 0.2 Volts per increment. The voltages are decided by the charging circuits based on the residual charge or the more the phone is discharged the more power will be given for charging. In fact, thanks to the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage system (abbreviated as INOV) it is possible to determine the optimal power level.

Quick Charge 4 and 4+

Born in 2017, the maximum power of 100W has been released both in input and output with the arrival of USB Type C, making the technology compatible with the new protocol called USB PD (Power Delivery).


Maybe all these numbers have not made you fully understand the enormous evolution of this system, but to understand better, with Quick Charge 4 and 4+ we will be able to charge a phone from 0 to 50% in just 15 minutes.

Free Up Space On An iPhone

How to Free up Space on an iPhone

As much as they can design more and more capacious smartphones, storage space is never enough; this is also thanks to the fact that the more technology goes on, the more apps and multimedia files such as photos and videos become heavy.

Free Up Space On An iPhone
Applications such as Photoshop Express, for example, can weigh as much as 200 MB; not to mention the more complex games that easily exceed even the gigabyte threshold.

The same goes for the photographic field. A high-resolution photo today can weigh as much as 50 MB, not to mention videos in 4K or Full HD; Very few would be enough to make the iPhone space full.

These updates are useful for various reasons; The first is that they solve app execution problems and improve the functionality of the smartphone. They also resolve conflicts that can arise over time, improving the linearity of use.
However, these updates have a downside – they take up a lot of space.

So you may be wondering how you can free up space on the iPhone and continue to use it easily. Below I will provide you with advice on how to recover as much storage as possible without having to involve external software, but freeing our device from all those contents that we do not even know we have.

What to do to free up space on the iPhone

Let’s see where we can intervene to get more space on our device:

Free up space from WhatsApp

Storage Space

We don’t realize it, but WhatsApp tends to take up a lot of space even without our knowledge.
Don’t believe it? Try to count how many multimedia files you receive in a day; all these videos and images are stored on our iPhone and if we periodically do not make space we will run into memory saturation without even realizing it.

WhatsApp images and videos

To do some cleaning, open the Photos app and then the Albums tab; access the WhatsApp album where you will find all the images and videos sent and received through the application.

  • Go to “Select” at the top right and tap on the previews of the images and videos you want to delete.
  • When you have selected everything you are not interested in, delete using the Recycle Bin and then click on the “Delete” item to permanently delete the files.
  • With this simple procedure you will already notice a big difference in free space in your memory; you will be amazed at how many files you send and receive without realizing it anymore.

Disable automatic saving of photos

If you do not want to run into this problem you can disable the automatic saving of photos in the camera roll: you can do it from WhatsApp by following the path Settings> Chat and deselect the item “Save to Camera Roll”.

Voice messages and documents

Nowadays we are more inclined to send voice messages and to receive them rather than write: it is a much simpler operation and that can be done even when you have your hands full.
But even these recordings, just like photos and videos, take up space in your iPhone’s memory.
You may also receive documents, such as PDFs, and of course, these also contribute to stealing space.

Dimmable LED Lights

What are Dimmable LED Bulbs?

When I saw it written for the first time, I too frowned with the classic question mark expression “?”. How often happens when I do not know something I go to see on the internet and I get this definition. Check this GudTechTricks for more details. A light bulb with a dimmer is useful for creating different atmospheres in a room using the same system.

Dimmable LED Lights

Thanks to the dimmer we can change the amount of light produced by the bulb, thus allowing us to create, with the same light source, a soft light ideal for moments of relaxation or intimacy and also a more intense light when we need it, for example for dinner or to work.

The choice of this solution is excellent to avoid energy waste and to be able to adjust the intensity of the light in the house to our liking. In addition to saving energy in the bill and being able to create the right atmosphere on every occasion, we can also contribute to the reduction of air pollution.

To understand if the light bulb is dimmable is very simple, it is necessary to consult if on the box there is one of the symbols present in the infographic. If you do not have the box at hand, I recommend that you consult the product features by entering the serial numbers you find on the bulb online to make sure it is dimmable.

Depending on the occasion, it can be important to create the right atmosphere. And you can also create the right atmosphere by adjusting the intensity of the lights. Thanks to the dimmable LED bulbs this is possible.

A big advantage of dimmable LED bulbs is energy efficiency. Being able to adjust the light in the house allows you to have the necessary degree of lighting without wasting energy and avoiding environmental pollution due to the waste of electricity.

Another not insignificant aspect is the economic aspect

When the intensity of the light is lowered, the power consumption and therefore the costs of the electricity bill are also reduced. Obviously, it depends on your needs but the decrease in energy expenditure is certainly a very positive aspect.

Dimming LED Bulb

Speaking of dimmable LED lamps, I cannot fail to mention the Philips Hue products to illuminate the home in a smart way. It is a family of light bulbs and accessories that you can control via smartphone both while staying at home and away. But the most important feature is that with these lamps you can change the color of the light to the rooms according to the occasion.

How do they work

These bulbs can easily be used as substitutes for classic incandescent or halogen bulbs but in order to adjust the intensity of the light, you need to install a compatible dimmer that will allow you to vary the intensity.

The combinations and dimmer models are different so it is essential to choose the right fixture for each type of LED.

On the market, you can find many systems and devices that allow you to manage LED lighting even remotely. The most prestigious brands of LED bulbs bTicino, Philips, Osram, and Vimar, have been on the market for years with this type of product. You can buy Wi-Fi dimmers to control the lights from smartphones and tablets via the app.

For the installation of the dimmer, I recommend that you only rely on expert electricians to be sure of work in a workmanlike manner and in safety.

Nest Hub games

What is a Hub and How Can I Use it to Play Games?

Its name in English is ethernet switch, ethernet splitter, switch, or hub. What is a hub? A switch or hub, which in Spanish we could call a switch, is a device that allows computers and devices to be connected to a network. This network can be local (LAN) and keep it that way or connect it to the Internet. The Ethernet hub or switch is very common in professional internal networks, for offices or public buildings. But it can also be used and is used in the field of video games.

Nest Hub games

An ethernet switch or network switch fulfills several functions. It allows us to connect a large number of devices to the Internet via Ethernet cable, which means not losing connection speed, as is the case with wireless networks. Especially if the router is at a great distance from the devices that connect to the network.

In addition to the non-loss of speed, it facilitates the creation of local networks or local area networks, known by its acronym in English LAN. The LAN networks in gaming, are ideal for making network games in the same room, connecting multiple computers. This way we guarantee that there is no external server involved and that all players play under the same conditions and under the same latency.

What is a hub and how it differs from the router?

When we see an ethernet hub or switch, it is easy to mistake it for a router. Both offer multiple ethernet-type inputs, the best way to connect a device to the Internet. However, the switch usually has more inputs than the router. And, in addition, they do different things.

A router, like the Movistar Router that all Movistar clients enjoy, is the link between the Internet and your connected devices. Not only that. Its role is to manage data traffic between the networks it connects, internal and external.

Games Hub

For its part, the hub or switch connects computers and other devices to each other. In practice, it is used to create a wired local network. As we said, in gaming, it is very useful to do multiplayer games without depending on the Internet.

In principle, the hub and the switch are not exactly the same. The former is simpler than the latter when it comes to sending data between connected devices. However, today both devices offer the same features, so we usually use the two names synonymously. Third, the router is an improved and more complete version of the switch, since it can act as a hub, a switch, and, in addition, connect devices and local networks to the Internet.

The question we can ask ourselves is if we have a router, why do we want an ethernet switch? The answer is simple. You may already have all the Ethernet inputs on your router occupied and need more to create a LAN network of, say, four or five players.

The second and more frequent possibility is that you cannot connect the gaming devices directly to the router due to the distance between them. What’s more, it is more convenient to connect gaming equipment to the network switch and, in turn, connect the hub to the router. This way the installation and wiring will be better organized.

The Ethernet hub or switch and online gaming

Although originally the use of a hub or switch was associated with local professional-type networks, today its use has also been extended to local and online, amateur or professional video games.

Google Play Games

If we take a look at the physical and online technology stores, we will find specific network switches for gaming and, according to those responsible, optimized for online gaming and streaming. In this second case, real-time video retransmissions require fast connections, something that classic Ethernet connections guarantee.

Another advantage of using an Ethernet hub or switch is the ability to configure each Ethernet port separately. And in current models, everything can be managed through a graphical interface, as with routers: from the browser. And like routers, hubs or switches allow us to manage ports according to the activity we want to carry out: gaming, streaming, standard local network …

Regarding data traffic, current switches have functions such as QoS, Quality of Service, which is responsible for prioritizing data traffic between connected devices. This way you can focus the bandwidth on the device that is playing over others that perform tasks that require less speed.

Best Meditation Apps

The Best Meditation Apps for Your iPhone

Today’s world is full of stress and immediacy, and it is increasingly advisable to take a few minutes for ourselves, and meditation and mindfulness can help us relax and alleviate all our daily problems that can lead to lack of sleep and other health problems. Health.

Best Meditation Apps
Fortunately, we can meditate in a very simple, guided and Spanish way thanks to the incredible applications that we have available in the App Store. That is why we have compiled the 10 best apps for iPhone to meditate.

The Best Meditation Apps for iPhone

These are the best applications in the App Store to meditate:

The Best App to Meditate: Meditopia: Meditation, Sleep

There are many editing applications and it is very difficult to find which one is the best, but if we have to choose one, it is Meditopia. It is an app with an extraordinary design, available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. It features over 1,000 guided meditations and focuses on meditation for sleep and de-stress.

  • Free app: you can use the app without having to pay anything.
  • Premium app: prices for the full version range from 2.99 euros a week to 49.99 euros a year.
    Meditopia: Meditation, Sleep

Apps to meditate and mindfulness for free

We have also compiled the best applications to meditate in Spanish. All these apps are great and will help you in your meditations with your iPhone.

Calm: Meditation and Sleep

It is probably one of the best-known meditation apps, awarded by Apple as the best application of the year 2017. They are defined as the number one app for meditation and sleep in the world. We have guided meditation sessions in 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25-minute versions.

  • Free app: we have a trial week and access to many of the available programs.
  • Premium app: there are different subscription plans that go from 15.99 euros per month to 74.99 euros, there is also a payment option for life.

Meditation with Petit BamBou

An app designed to learn to meditate. We have more than 2,000 mindfulness meditation sessions available in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. It is one of the best meditation apps for children, especially those diagnosed with ADHD.

Best Meditation Apps for iPhone

  • Free app: 8 free sessions and access to certain functions.
  • Premium app: Two types of subscriptions, 5.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros every 6 months.

Meditation – Sounds and Sleep

This app offers personalized meditation courses and 5-minute sessions. Every time you start the app, you can adjust the sessions to your feelings and mood. It has synced with Apple’s Health app, relaxation sounds, and the basics of how to do things.

  • Free app: you can use the app without having to pay anything.
  • Premium app: prices for the full version range from 2.99 euros a week to 49.99 euros a year.
Best iPhone Apps to Remind You to Drink Water

Best iPhone Apps to Remind You to Drink Water

Drinking water is essential for our body, however, remembering it is not easy and we often forget. But nothing happens, if you want a reminder to drink water it is best to download one of these apps. They work as a warning to drink water at the exact moment we need it.

Best iPhone Apps to Remind You to Drink Water

If you want your iPhone to remind you every so often to drink water, there are many applications available in the App Store, for both iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch. These are the best.

The Best iOS Apps to Drink Water

You should know that the Health app on your iPhone is capable of counting the water you drink each day, although you must enter the data manually and reminders cannot be programmed.

However, most of the apps that we bring you are compatible with Health and you can follow your history there. You just have to enter the Health app and in Explore> Nutrition> Water.

What is the Best Application to Drinking Water?

It is not easy to find the best app since there are many available, however, this is one that Apple itself recommends from the Health application, it is paid, but it is very complete.

Water Less

More than 2 million users around the world use this app. It has an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage, making it the most complete of the entire App Store. It also syncs with the Health app on the iPhone to keep track of daily water consumption.

The Best App to Drink Water from Apple Watch

If what you are looking for is an app to remind you to drink water from your Apple Watch, this is one of the best and most interesting.

Water Tracker‬

It is an app with a very colourful and interesting design. From the Apple Watch we can easily add the water we drink, be it juice, soda, tea or any other drink. It also has an app for the iPhone and is compatible with the Health app.

Other apps to remind you to drink water
In addition to these two apps, we have other very good reminder apps to drink water.

My drink water reminder

This app has a water need calculator, reminders, statistics and awards. It has an app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and synchronizes the data with the Apple Health app. A very complete reminder app to drink water.

Waterlogged – Drink More Water‬

Best App to Drink Water from Apple Watch

Personalized charts and reminders to help you stay healthy and hydrated. It has an app available for iPhone and iPad and it also synchronizes its data with the Apple Health application.

Aqualert: Take Water Remember

Aqualert is an app that reminds you to drink water. It helps you to have a good adequate balance of water in your body by means of reminders to drink water and a record of the amount ingested. The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Plant Nanny‪

This app helps us control the water we drink, and it does so in a unique and fun way. Each glass of water you drink also waters a plant so that both of you can believe and live healthily. It has an app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and is compatible with the Apple Health app.


It is probably the best app to count calories on the market, and it also has an option to manage the water we drink. With HealthKit it is synchronized with the Health app and has an app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Hopefully, you liked these apps to remind you to drink water. They are very interesting apps to keep track of everything we drink every day and, above all, to have a reminder to drink water from our iPhone or Apple Watch.

Dispo is the Most Popular App

The Strangest Camera App that will Transport You to The Past

Depending on how old we are, it was sometimes normal for several of us to take a photo and wait several days, even longer, to obtain the result, physically and without editing. Since immediacy became the norm in our lives, the closest to this experience could be obtained with a modern Polaroid. Until the developers of an app appealed to nostalgia with a result that more than one, reminds us of our first photographs.

Dispo is the Most Popular App

Under the name Dispo, YouTuber David Dobrik and other Silicon Valley creators have launched an app to share photos that can only be viewed the day after they are taken. Surprisingly, it has been a great novelty among young people, who for the first time face the challenge of waiting for their images.

Dispo is the Most Popular App Among Young People

Dispo sets out to recall or present the experience, again depending on age, of waiting to see a photograph, as did the disposable cameras that firms like Kodak popularized in the 20th century.

With Dispo, you just have to have some patience, because its behaviour is quite simple. The first thing is to download the app, available only on iOS.

After capturing the photo, the next thing is to wait until 9 a.m. the next day. This stimulates the development time of the reel, but without the intervention of third parties and totally free. The last step is to share it and connect with communities of photographers of different styles such as urban, portrait etc.

As you can see in the video below, some users have shared their experience with the popular and “new” format:

Of course, despite appealing to the habits of the past, Dispo shares a lot with apps from that time, such as Clubhouse. Like the social network, in which audio predominates, Dispo only accepts new members who arrive through an invitation.

Currently, Dispo is in the development of version 2.0. with the offer of more possibilities. For now, it is the app of the moment, but like all fashion, it is still too early to know if the excitement of waiting is maintained over time.