Dimmable LED Lights

What are Dimmable LED Bulbs?

When I saw it written for the first time, I too frowned with the classic question mark expression “?”. How often happens when I do not know something I go to see on the internet and I get this definition. Check this GudTechTricks for more details. A light bulb with a dimmer is useful for creating different atmospheres in a room using the same system.

Dimmable LED Lights

Thanks to the dimmer we can change the amount of light produced by the bulb, thus allowing us to create, with the same light source, a soft light ideal for moments of relaxation or intimacy and also a more intense light when we need it, for example for dinner or to work.

The choice of this solution is excellent to avoid energy waste and to be able to adjust the intensity of the light in the house to our liking. In addition to saving energy in the bill and being able to create the right atmosphere on every occasion, we can also contribute to the reduction of air pollution.

To understand if the light bulb is dimmable is very simple, it is necessary to consult if on the box there is one of the symbols present in the infographic. If you do not have the box at hand, I recommend that you consult the product features by entering the serial numbers you find on the bulb online to make sure it is dimmable.

Depending on the occasion, it can be important to create the right atmosphere. And you can also create the right atmosphere by adjusting the intensity of the lights. Thanks to the dimmable LED bulbs this is possible.

A big advantage of dimmable LED bulbs is energy efficiency. Being able to adjust the light in the house allows you to have the necessary degree of lighting without wasting energy and avoiding environmental pollution due to the waste of electricity.

Another not insignificant aspect is the economic aspect

When the intensity of the light is lowered, the power consumption and therefore the costs of the electricity bill are also reduced. Obviously, it depends on your needs but the decrease in energy expenditure is certainly a very positive aspect.

Dimming LED Bulb

Speaking of dimmable LED lamps, I cannot fail to mention the Philips Hue products to illuminate the home in a smart way. It is a family of light bulbs and accessories that you can control via smartphone both while staying at home and away. But the most important feature is that with these lamps you can change the color of the light to the rooms according to the occasion.

How do they work

These bulbs can easily be used as substitutes for classic incandescent or halogen bulbs but in order to adjust the intensity of the light, you need to install a compatible dimmer that will allow you to vary the intensity.

The combinations and dimmer models are different so it is essential to choose the right fixture for each type of LED.

On the market, you can find many systems and devices that allow you to manage LED lighting even remotely. The most prestigious brands of LED bulbs bTicino, Philips, Osram, and Vimar, have been on the market for years with this type of product. You can buy Wi-Fi dimmers to control the lights from smartphones and tablets via the app.

For the installation of the dimmer, I recommend that you only rely on expert electricians to be sure of work in a workmanlike manner and in safety.

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