Free Up Space On An iPhone

How to Free up Space on an iPhone

As much as they can design more and more capacious smartphones, storage space is never enough; this is also thanks to the fact that the more technology goes on, the more apps and multimedia files such as photos and videos become heavy.

Free Up Space On An iPhone
Applications such as Photoshop Express, for example, can weigh as much as 200 MB; not to mention the more complex games that easily exceed even the gigabyte threshold.

The same goes for the photographic field. A high-resolution photo today can weigh as much as 50 MB, not to mention videos in 4K or Full HD; Very few would be enough to make the iPhone space full.

These updates are useful for various reasons; The first is that they solve app execution problems and improve the functionality of the smartphone. They also resolve conflicts that can arise over time, improving the linearity of use.
However, these updates have a downside – they take up a lot of space.

So you may be wondering how you can free up space on the iPhone and continue to use it easily. Below I will provide you with advice on how to recover as much storage as possible without having to involve external software, but freeing our device from all those contents that we do not even know we have.

What to do to free up space on the iPhone

Let’s see where we can intervene to get more space on our device:

Free up space from WhatsApp

Storage Space

We don’t realize it, but WhatsApp tends to take up a lot of space even without our knowledge.
Don’t believe it? Try to count how many multimedia files you receive in a day; all these videos and images are stored on our iPhone and if we periodically do not make space we will run into memory saturation without even realizing it.

WhatsApp images and videos

To do some cleaning, open the Photos app and then the Albums tab; access the WhatsApp album where you will find all the images and videos sent and received through the application.

  • Go to “Select” at the top right and tap on the previews of the images and videos you want to delete.
  • When you have selected everything you are not interested in, delete using the Recycle Bin and then click on the “Delete” item to permanently delete the files.
  • With this simple procedure you will already notice a big difference in free space in your memory; you will be amazed at how many files you send and receive without realizing it anymore.

Disable automatic saving of photos

If you do not want to run into this problem you can disable the automatic saving of photos in the camera roll: you can do it from WhatsApp by following the path Settings> Chat and deselect the item “Save to Camera Roll”.

Voice messages and documents

Nowadays we are more inclined to send voice messages and to receive them rather than write: it is a much simpler operation and that can be done even when you have your hands full.
But even these recordings, just like photos and videos, take up space in your iPhone’s memory.
You may also receive documents, such as PDFs, and of course, these also contribute to stealing space.

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