Dispo is the Most Popular App

The Strangest Camera App that will Transport You to The Past

Depending on how old we are, it was sometimes normal for several of us to take a photo and wait several days, even longer, to obtain the result, physically and without editing. Since immediacy became the norm in our lives, the closest to this experience could be obtained with a modern Polaroid. Until the developers of an app appealed to nostalgia with a result that more than one, reminds us of our first photographs.

Dispo is the Most Popular App

Under the name Dispo, YouTuber David Dobrik and other Silicon Valley creators have launched an app to share photos that can only be viewed the day after they are taken. Surprisingly, it has been a great novelty among young people, who for the first time face the challenge of waiting for their images.

Dispo is the Most Popular App Among Young People

Dispo sets out to recall or present the experience, again depending on age, of waiting to see a photograph, as did the disposable cameras that firms like Kodak popularized in the 20th century.

With Dispo, you just have to have some patience, because its behaviour is quite simple. The first thing is to download the app, available only on iOS.

After capturing the photo, the next thing is to wait until 9 a.m. the next day. This stimulates the development time of the reel, but without the intervention of third parties and totally free. The last step is to share it and connect with communities of photographers of different styles such as urban, portrait etc.

As you can see in the video below, some users have shared their experience with the popular and “new” format:

Of course, despite appealing to the habits of the past, Dispo shares a lot with apps from that time, such as Clubhouse. Like the social network, in which audio predominates, Dispo only accepts new members who arrive through an invitation.

Currently, Dispo is in the development of version 2.0. with the offer of more possibilities. For now, it is the app of the moment, but like all fashion, it is still too early to know if the excitement of waiting is maintained over time.

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