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Best Photo Editing Apps

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

If you are going to apply some particular face effect to your face to make your social profile more captivating, this article is for you. I have collected the funniest apps to apply filters to your photos or augmented reality effects to apply to the face that gives smiles and fun. If you want you can also turn your face into Emoji.

Best Photo Editing Apps

What perhaps not everyone knows is that behind these filters there is a very complex technology called augmented reality. The augmented reality (Augmented Reality) is the enrichment of human sensory perception by means of information that would not be perceived with the five senses. The filters that are used in fun selfie apps are all based on this technology.

The best apps to change the face

So let’s see what are the best apps to change our faces to use to create funny videos with our faces alone or with the company thanks to the use of facial filters and thanks to augmented reality.

Face App

Back in the limelight after a period of respite, this App allows you to transform your face into a child, an adult (giving a very old look to your face), Hollywood style, change the background of your photo, and much more.

With the latest update, it also allows you to change transform your face from man to woman and vice versa. Definitely, a well-made app to try.


It was the first app to introduce this feature to take funny photos and selfies, which is why today it is considered one of the best apps for changing faces. This app is very popular because in addition to applying special effects to photos and videos, it allows you to exchange photos and content that self-destruct after ten seconds.

Photo Editing Apps

In jargon, they are called snap and the user, thanks to the application, can create them at will to send them to their friends. Clips and photos can also be saved and inserted in the stories section which opens with a tap on the icon at the bottom right or by swiping from right to left from the home screen, where they remain visible for 24 hours.

Making a snap is super easy. Open the application just press the button at the bottom center of the device to take a photo or a selfie or hold it down to create a video. On the left, however, the timer button appears which adjusts the minimum and maximum duration from 1 to 10 seconds.

The images can be modified through filters that you can choose by moving your finger on the screen from right to left, and also enrich with colored drawings or by adding both text and emojis that can be animated in the clips.


Even the famous photo social network allows you to apply facial filters. But what’s even more interesting it allows you to create them.

On Instagram, face filters are only available in Stories. Consequently, to use them you have to start the appropriate tool accessible by tapping on your profile photo, at the top left, or by sliding to the right from the home. Doing this will launch your device’s camera.

A menu will open through which you can scroll through the various filters available by swiping left or right. To select a filter and test it in real-time, tap on it. Once you have identified the filter of your interest, start recording a video by pressing and holding the button with the shutter symbol or tap to take a photo with the filter applied. After creation, press the “Your story” button to share the video or photo in Instagram stories or on the Send to item or save the content created on your smartphone.